ChemWatch is used by JCU staff and students  to assist with legislated requirements including:

  • Obtaining safety data sheets for substances
  • Keeping manifests for storage locations
  • Printing labels for decanted substances
  • Calculations for manifest and placard quantities

ChemWatch can be accessed by:

General User

Account User

  • Requires a log in which can be requested from  Include:
    • Your JC number
    • Password you would like to use
    • Description of building and rooms that you require access to on the manifest
    • Each log in is only given access to the portion of the manifest required
    • Log into ChemWatch

If you wish to access with your own login, click the login link in the top right-hand corner of the general ChemWatch window.

If you are off- campus make sure you are logged into the VPN as the general link needs to authenticate your access.

The WHS Unit can assist with instruction in using ChemWatch.  Training from ChemWatch is typically offered during O Week each year, please nominate when this is announced.

The Chemwatch page also has links to training videos and online help.