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James Cook University Publication Scheme

This Publication Scheme is designed in line with the requirements of the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld) and is derived from the original document that was posted on the University’s Website on 1 July 2009.  It is a dynamic document and is subject to change.

The scheme is a comprehensive listing of the available significant and appropriate information held by the University. Relevant web pages are identified: many pages link to further information that may be of interest to the reader.

The information is also available, on request, in hard copy or in alternative formats. Within reason, information supplied in this way is generally free-of-charge. Where the provision of a document or documents would impose significant costs on the University, there may be a charge for the reasonable actual costs of providing the information.

Publication information

The publication scheme is divided into the following classes (or categories) of information:

  1. About Us - Who we are and what we do
  2. Our Services - The services we offer
  3. Our Finances - What we spend and how we spend it
  4. Our Priorities - What our priorities are and how we are doing
  5. Our Decisions - How we make decisions
  6. Our Policies - Our policies and procedures
  7. Our Lists - Lists and registers.
Description of InformationSource
Information about the University (Queensland and Singapore) Web:
JCU Contact Information Web:
JCU Locations and Campus Site Maps (for Townsville, Cairns and Singapore in both printable and interactive versions) Web:
History of the University Web:
Facts and Figures Web:
James Cook University Act 1997 (Qld) and University Statutes Web:
Legislation Applicable to JCU Web:
University Council and its committees Web:
Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee Web:
University Executive Web:
University Organisational structure Web:
Courses and Degrees Web:
Research Web:
Controlled and Non-controlled Entities Web:
Jobs @ JCU Web:
News and Media Web:
This is Uni – JCU’s Magazine Web:
JCU on Social Media Web:
JCU Student Association Web:
Description of InformationSource
Course and Subject Handbook   (all campuses) Web:
Student Handbook  (Singapore) Web:
Academic Calendars (all campuses) Web:
Course Enrolment Planners Web:
Information for Current Students Web:
Indigenous Student Support Web:
Information for International Students Web:
Study Guides for International Students Web:
Information for Research Students Web:
Careers and Employment (for students and employers) (Queensland and Singapore) Web:
James Cook University Student Association (includes clubs, societies, sport, recreation and fitness) Web:
Information about Graduation Ceremonies (for all campuses) Web:
Graduates and Alumni (Queensland and Singapore) Web:
Information for Staff Web:
Accommodation Service (Queensland and Singapore) Web:
Places to Eat (Townsville and Cairns Campuses) Web:
Video Conference Facilities (Queensland campuses) Web:
Academy of Modern Languages (short courses) Web:
Library and Computing Services Web:
On-Campus Early Childcare Services (Townsville) Web:
On-Campus Medical Services (Townsville –General Practice, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Speech Pathology) Web:
On-Campus Dental Services (Cairns and Townsville) Web:
On-Campus Psychology Services (Singapore) Web:
AccessAbility Services (Cairns and Townsville) Web:
Counselling Service (Cairns and Townsville) Web:
Description of InformationSource
Financial Management Practice Manual (for assets, purchasing, expenses etc) Web:
University Audited Financial Statements (part of Annual Report) Web: Annual Reports:
Description of InformationSource
Statement of Strategic Intent Web:
University Plan (2018-2022) (Cairns, Townsville, Singapore) Web:
Internal Audit Strategic Plan (Queensland) Web: Internal Audit
Internal Audit Annual Work Plan 2015 (Queensland) Web:Internal Audit
Discovery Rise (Townsville) Web:
Facilities Management – Planning & Development (principally Townsville and Cairns: includes Trop-Eco) Web:
JCU Risk Management Framework and Plan Web: Risk Management Framework & Plan
Disability Services Web: AccessAbility Services
Annual Reports (including Financial Statements) (since 2014) Web:
Reconciliation Statement and Action Plan Web:
2012 Impact Report: North Queensland Operations Web:
Description of InformationSource
JCU Policy Library (includes procedures) Web:
Register of Reportable Gifts The Register of Reportable Gifts is available in hard copy for viewing at the University on request. Contact the Secretariat.
Disclosure Log required under the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld)  
Honorary Awards  
Graduates of the University Graduation Handbooks may be accessed through the Mabo Library (Reference Section)

More information

Any enquiries, requests or complaints relating to the Publication Scheme should be sent to:

Right to Information Officer Secretariat and Records
Office of Chief of Staff
James Cook University
Townsville Qld 4811, Australia

Email:, marked ‘attention

Edition date: July 2016, Links updated 03/2020