University Plan (2018-2022)

JCU is defined by the Tropics. We are unique among Australian universities, woven into the intellectual, economic and social fabric of our tropical location and set amid irreplaceable ecosystems and cultures that fire our intellects and imaginations.

Our aims are challenging but attainable. Marshalling our broad intellectual strengths, we seek knowledge-based ways to help the world’s tropical regions prosper.

The University Plan (PDF, 2025 KB) expresses how we intend to respond to the challenges facing JCU and the Australian higher education sector over the 2018-2022 period. A thematic approach has been adopted, highlighting the primacy of our academic ambitions via the Academic Plan and identifying the services and capabilities required to fulfil these.

Definitive actions are prioritised according to those which can be enacted now and those which will be implemented later in the life of the Plan. We have also highlighted areas of innovative practice or exemplars, showcasing the wonderful work which is being undertaken across the University which is sometimes overlooked amidst our day to day work.

The Academic Plan (PDF, 1534 KB) provides context and more detailed information around our academic aspirations and curriculum framework and identifies executive and operational leads for initiatives. As indicated above, the Academic Plan is nested within the broader University Plan.

The International Engagement Strategy commits us to achieving comprehensive internationalisation across all dimensions. The strategy sets out how we are connecting JCU to the world and the world to JCU, and ensuring that a more internationalised JCU benefits our local communities and economies.

James Cook University partners with Russo Higher Education Pty Ltd to deliver the programs available at our Brisbane campus.