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Clinical Elective Application (non JCU students)

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Please indicate up to 3 preferences for hospital/site location and discipline.          

There is only a limited number of placement available in a wide range of medical and surgical disciplines across the 3 hospitals in North Queensland.  All requests are considered first on the availability of a place in their preferred disciplines, at their nominated preferred hospitals for the time period requested.  We do our best to find a suitable placement, however, there is no guarantee that your application will be successful.

Placement dates

Placement Blocks 2024
Block 1
25th March – 26th April 2024
29th April – 31st May 2024

Block 2
17th June – 19th July 2024
26th July – 23rd August 2024

Block 3

2nd September – 4th October 2024
7th October – 8th November 2024

Please indicate your preferred start and end date for your placement. The minimum number of weeks for a clinical elective placement is four with the maximum being eight.

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You must organise with your university to complete and forward a QHealth Schedule to the appropriate QHealth District covering the clinical elective placement.

Please note, if you are offered and accept a clinical elective, there will be further documentation you must provide before commencing your placement.

Payment of application fee - non-refundable $100

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