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Glucose control and outcome of peripheral revascularisation

About the project

This project focuses on the determinants of outcome following peripheral revascularisation, i.e. open and endovascular surgery to improve lower limb blood supply. While a number of opportunities exist a particular area of interest is variation in perioperative glucose levels. Variability in perioperative glucose been associated with poor outcomes for some acute problems but has had limited investigation in peripheral artery disease (PAD) patients both those with and without a prior diagnosis of diabetes. This has potential to be treated if found to be an important risk factor for poor outcome.

More information

Field of research Surgery and subspecialties
Project location JCU Townsville, Townsville University Hospital
Eligible student HDR only; extra-curricular; honours
Project activities charts; clinical; literature; statistics; review
Does this project require patient contact no
Does this project require patient data yes
Project prerequisites Ideally the student would have prior experience at collecting research data although this could be taught. A key requirement is sufficient time to commit as completion of research studies is very time consuming.

Application process

If you are interested in this project and meet the prerequisites click the button below to email Jonathan Golledge attach a copy of your resume and include this and that information