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Top stories for 2021

We're celebrating the end of 2021 with a look back on some of the highlights and top stories for the year.

Dr Sam Manger#10 Dr Sam Manger - Lifestyle medicine inspires 2021 RACGP Qld GP of the Year

27th August 2021

Maleny-based Medical Educator Dr Sam Manger mentors JCU GP doctors in training, hosts a podcast for health professionals and is an advocate of lifestyle medicine as a powerful way to improve mental health. The RACGP Queensland GP of the Year for 2021 and Equally Well ambassador talks about his passions.

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Dr Faith Chitongo

#9 Dr Faith Chitongo - Graduate inspired to create change

22nd June 2021

For Dr Faith Chitongo, medicine goes beyond a career or even a passion. Her upbringing in the rural north-east of Zimbabwe exposed her to the deadly consequences of inadequate access to health care services. After graduating in 2020, Dr Chitongo is now right where she wants to be, putting her new skills to use in regional and rural hospitals.

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David Bailey

#8 David Bailey - Big boost for outback dental student

2nd September 2021

Born and raised in the rural Far North Queensland town of Mutchilba, Dave Bailey loves life in the bush and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. But when he commenced studying Dentistry at James Cook University in 2020 he knew his remote location would bring challenges, like a three hour commute to uni and a patchy home internet connection.

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Dr Sam Manger

#7 Dr Ainsley Walsh - Basketball, medicine and beyond

6th January 2021

Dr Ainsley Walsh started her journey into medicine while playing professional basketball for the Townsville Fire. It was the influence of her friend, the team doctor, which sparked her passion for health. Newly graduated from JCU Medicine and ready for her intern year at the Townsville University Hospital, Dr Walsh has reflected on the experiences that have led her to this point and where she hopes to take her career.

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Clare Wade

#6 Claire Wade - A day in the life of a community pharmacist

18th August 2021

The scope of a community pharmacist’s role continues to grow, offering plenty of diversity and opportunity. But what does the job actually entail and how do you know if it’s right for you? JCU graduate and Cairns-based community pharmacist, Claire Wade, shares what a typical day looks like for her and why it is such a rewarding career.

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Drs Chris and Kirsty Symmons

#5 Drs Chris and Kirsty Symmons - An opportunity to practise at the top of their scope

29th November 2021

For Rural Generalist doctors Chris and Kirsty Symmons, Longreach has provided a great environment in which to complete their JCU GP Training and stay for the long term. “It’s now our fifth year here and we’ve decided to start a family with no immediate plans to leave."

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Dr Nathan Passi

#4 Dr Nathan Passi - Doctor's path to healing

23rd June 2021

JCU graduate Dr Nathan Passi wants to inspire a new generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander doctors and create change in Indigenous health.  The Townsville University Hospital (TUH) emergency medicine registrar is proud of his Torres Strait Islander heritage.

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Dr Nirjyot Gill

#3 Dr Nirjyot Gill - Healthy smiles for NQ

6th January 2021

Nirjyot Gill is celebrating becoming a Dentist after completing her studies in 2020. The Cardwell local relished in the JCU experience while in Cairns. She is now setting her sights on the new challenges of dentistry as she enters the next phase of her career to bring healthy smiles to northern Queensland. This is Nirjyot’s story.

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Selina Taylor

#2 Selina Taylor - Hearing the need in remote communities

14th October 2021

Our ability to hear connects us to others and the world around us. The loss of hearing is shown to have a huge impact on your health and education outcomes and your overall quality of life. Like many health problems in Australia, hearing loss and ear infections disproportionately affect our rural, remote, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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Georgia Bulley

#1 Georgia Bulley - 'The best decision I've ever made'

29th October 2021

Sixth-year JCU Medical student, Georgia Bulley, had a feeling she would enjoy rural generalism. So, she committed a year of her life to find out for sure.

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