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Volunteering with JCU’s College of Medicine and Dentistry is a rewarding way to give back to society, both now and for future generations. Discover how you can get involved in helping select and train our future health workforce for our regional, rural and remote communities:

Help our future doctors as a Volunteer Simulated Patient

Clinical skills building and patient management are core components of training for our JCU medical students. For this, we need Volunteer Simulated Patients (VSP) to role play cases and interact with students to develop their skills and confidence.

VSPs provide students with the opportunity to interact with real people of all ages, genders, backgrounds, health conditions and life experiences. This interaction gives JCU students a more authentic, ‘real world’ clinical skills learning experience to better prepare them for their future careers.

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Volunteer for the JCU Medical selections panel

Help select our future doctors

Each year JCU seeks clinicians, members of the public, JCU staff/adjuncts and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community members to be part of a medical student selection panel for JCU's Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) course.

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Human Bequest Program
Donating your body after death not only has great benefits for society but gives you, the donor, the knowledge that, even after death, you will continue to contribute to the education of hundreds of future health professionals.

JCU's Human Bequest Program depends entirely on the generosity of individuals who wish to donate their bodies. The program plays an essential role in training the healthcare practitioners of tomorrow, as well as providing scientists, clinicians and surgeons with the requisite knowledge and tools to further advance modern surgery and treatment programs.

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