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Frequently asked questions

Read below frequently asked questions about  Clinical Electives for Non-JCU students. If you have any additional questions please contact the Academic Services Officer via email

You must submit all the required supporting documentation. At least two weeks prior to your placement you should contact the Education Officer at the Hospital (refer to the Dean’s confirmation letter), for orientation information such as dress code, where to present on your first day.

International students have to be in their final year of study at the time of their placement.

Yes. Clinical elective placements are for a period of 4 – 8 weeks maximum in length

It is best for applicants to avoid this period in their request.

January is often a period where many hospital and administrative staff are on leave; therefore, this leaves the hospital short staffed thus unable to provide appropriate supervision and/or administration support.

Yes, all documents submitted with your application need to be translated to English. The same applies to the Serology report for Hepatitis B, where a report is required stating your surface antibodies.

An Academic Record is University certification confirming what courses the applicant has completed and the grades achieved to date with studies. The record needs to be verified/certified by the applicant’s school.

It is a Queensland wide policy that people wishing to work with children must hold a current blue card. North Queensland hospitals require applicants to provide a copy of their blue card and positive notice letter.

Please refer to Placement requirements regarding Blue Card Applications.

The forms on this website have been prefilled.

However, Page 3 Part E, leave blank as applicants who reside more than 50km from James Cook University will require a prescribed person to complete the Confirmation of Identity form.

The authorised person will need to sight your original identification documents and complete the Confirmation of Identity form.

Your name must be written on the bottom of each page in the required field: Applicant’s Name.

Please include a photocopy of the documents sighted to the application form for verification purposes.

Fees are listed under Placement section here.

The applicant pays the application fee when submitting the application.

If offered a placement, the placement fee is paid within seven days of the offer.

Credit card payments are preferred and the most cost effective method of payment by students. You don’t have to be the card holder.

JCU is not able to provide advice on the type of visa you need to obtain. Please contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship through their website at Questions may also be directed to an Australian Embassy or Consulate.

The Education Officer will advise you on the dress code. Please contact the Education Officer prior to your arrival. Their contact details are in the placement confirmation letter.

Students need to arrange their own accommodation.

Transinfo policy states that only students who are enrolled full-time in a Queensland University are eligible for a concession on public transport. Your student ID card from your home country will not be accepted on public transport here.

No, elective students do not pay university tuition fees so are not eligible for a student card or student number.

Yes, if forms are required to be completed for your University you should send a copy with your application. The Education Officer (refer to placement confirmation letter) will be able to assist you with this process. The University cannot provide a graded assessment.