Employability Edge You And Your Career

You And Your Career

Self-awareness is vital to making career decisions and successful work and life choices. This module helps to identify your unique personal attributes, values, and skills, and put you on the path to discover a rewarding and meaningful career in an industry where you will thrive.

How long will the module take to complete?

Approximately 120 minutes

Learning objectives

  • Identify the factors that influence life and career choices
  • Define your goals, values, and purpose; appraise passion as a guiding force
  • Identify your values, skills, personality type, personal attributes, interests, and strengths
  • Set your developmental agenda to shape and construct the career you want

Working through this module

You will gain maximum advantage from this module by working step by step through the topics and activities. At the end of each topic, there is an ‘Additional Resources’ section where you can explore additional information about the subject matter to get that employability edge.


Download and save the ‘You and Your Career’ Activity Book below.