Employability Edge 21st Century Work Ready

21st Century Work Ready

Broaden your knowledge about the rapidly changing 21st century careers landscape, why we have good reasons to be optimistic despite the many challenges, and what you can do to increase your chances of success in this evolving environment.

How long will the module take to complete?

Approximately 90 minutes

Learning objectives

  • Identify sources of information helpful in navigating the labour market in the 2020s
  • Reflect on your proactive career management skills
  • Understand the current top ten employability skills
  • Plan extra-curricular activities to prepare for success in the 21st century job market

Working through this module

You will gain maximum advantage from this module by working step by step through the topics and activities. At the end of the topic there is an ‘Additional Resources’ section where you can explore additional information about the subject matter to get that employability edge.


Download and save the ‘21st Century Work Ready’ Activity Book below.