Employability Edge You And Your Career What Do I Want From My Life?

What Do I Want From My Life?

We are all prone to losing sight of the bigger picture in life as we busily concentrate on the urgent goals before our eyes, such as finishing your assignment or sending off that part-time job application. Therefore, it is necessary and useful to slow down from time to time to visualise the future you want to create in as much detail as possible. It enables you to reconnect with your various life goals, or perhaps develop goals for the very first time. It is much easier to take charge of your life direction if you have an idea of what you want. Once articulated, those ideas can be translated into SMART personal and professional goals, which we will discuss in the final Career Choices topic.

Start by thinking long-term and ask yourself, “what would I ideally like to be and have in my life?”  For example, your preferred location may limit or open up life and professional opportunities for you, while contract-based work may allow you to pursue your non-work related passions, such as climbing peaks of the Himalayas. You need to consider as many factors that matter to you as possible, such as your desired lifestyle, relationships, mobility, expectations for salary, professional growth, how you want to realise your core values, and much more.

It is natural that goals change over time as they are tested against reality and your preferences change, so relax in the knowledge that you are not making a life-time commitment. Revisiting and checking on your progress from time-to-time will help you keep motivated and moving in the right direction.

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