Employability Edge Boost Your Skills Communications Foundations

Communications Foundations

Improve your communication skills to boost your career prospects. This video introduces the four building blocks of communication – people, message, content and listening.

Topic Learning Objectives:

  • Recall the four pillars of a business scenario
  • Explore the term ‘people’ in the context of a communication scenario
  • Recall how the ‘Think, Feel, Do’ model applies to a communication scenario
  • Identify the parts of the message in a communication scenario
  • Recognise the channel in a communication scenario
  • Apply the importance of context in a communication event
  • Review the most important components of listening.

To view the video:

Instructors: Tatiana Kolovou, Faculty Member and Brenda Bailey-Hughes, Professor at Kelley School of Business, University of Indiana.
Video: 82 minutes