Employability Edge Boost Your Skills

Boost Your Skills

Increase your employability and advance your career prospects. This module consists of a series of LinkedIn Learning professional development videos designed to strengthen your transferable skills. These valuable skills, also referred to as soft, generic, or enterprise skills, are transferable from one job to another. They are highly regarded by employers.

How long will the module take to complete?

30–90 minutes per video

Learning objectives

  • Build your transferable skills in communication, resilience and creativity
  • Improve your teamwork and leadership approaches
  • Develop your critical thinking and problem-solving techniques
  • Get things done.

Working through this module

This module has a series of stand-alone videos. Choose which ones you would like to dip into to support your skill development, and complete the embedded quizzes, and activity book.


  1. You will need a LinkedIn Learning account to view these professional development videos.  LinkedIn Learning is available free to all current JCU staff and students.
  2. Create or login to your JCU LinkedIn Learning account to view videos and complete embedded quizzes.