Space planning and move management

Move Manager – first implemented in early 2016 – is a software module built on the JCU Workplace Management System, FM: Interact. The module follows the JCU space allocation approval process and records all space allocations.

Move Manager is the only approved process to allocate office space at JCU. It is important that all staff and student space allocations follow the same approval process and space allocations are recorded in one place.

Move Manage is used for office space allocations only. For other space allocations, such as storage, research and workroom spaces, Divisional management and operations staff are encouraged to liaise directly with Space Management.

Move liaison staff

Delegates (Move Liaisons) within each Division are authorised to raise move requests on behalf of staff and HDR students.

Their role is to undertake introductory training to help ensure space requests align with the JCU policy and thus the goals of the University.

For lists of current delegates, please contact Space Management.

Move request approval

All requests are subject to a two-step approval process:

  1. Endorsement through the Division, and
  2. Approval through Space Management.

For lists of current endorsers and approvers, please contact Space Management.

When a move request should be raised

It is recommended that move requests are raised as early as possible to allow sufficient time for the approval process to be conducted.

New staff members can be assigned space within two weeks of their commencement date.

Office keys

Key requests raised through MEX requests are matched with approved move requests prior to issue. It is timely for key requests to be raised at the same time as move requests.

Updating records and nominating a Reason for Move

It is the responsibility of each unit to ensure all staff are assigned space via Move Manager. Administrative teams should be proactive with raising move requests in advance of any space moves or new staff members commencing.

Space allocation records are used in campus planning activities. There are significant cost savings with having this information correct at all times: the total number of completed moves (including record updates) between January 2016 and March 2018 is 2,573. This is roughly one-thousand moves per year across the Townsville, Bebegu Yumba and Cairns, Nguma-bada campus sites.

The 'Updating Records' reason for move is an indication that the approval process for space allocation has not been followed. It is anticipated that, as teams become used to the process of allocating space via Move Manager, the need to nominate 'Updating Records' will reduce to nil.

Table 1 - Move Reasons

Move Reason


HDR Student

HDR Student desk allocation.

All HDR student desk allocations must be approved via Move Manager. HDR students are the only student category that may be assigned space. Other students such as Honours students may have access to common study areas.

New staff member

New staff member (casual, full-time, etc.).

All new staff members to be assigned a workstation must be approved via Move Manager.

Operational request

Proximity to staff unit or facility and/or operational requirement.

Operational requests are initiated by the unit to improve space arrangements within teams.

Record Update

Updating space allocation records (no actual move).

This is the most commonly selected Move Reason.  It is encouraged for units to maintain up-to-date space allocation records, however the selection of this reason is an indication of the number of space allocations that have by-passed the approval process.  This reason should be selected sparingly and is not the default.


Existing staff member seconded to another position.

Staff seconded to another position that need to work from a new location.  Note that staff may only have one workstation allocation and must vacate their previous office when taking up secondments at different locations.

Staff replacement

Staff change to existing position.

This reason is used for existing staff changing roles and locations within the organisation.

Temporary / Decant

Temporary move or decant (e.g. project/building activity).

This reason is used for construction project related moves where individuals or teams are shifted to a temporary location for the duration of a refurbishment.


Vacating room (no destination room).

Select this reason when staff members are leaving the organisation.

Visitors, consultants

Temporary space for visitors and any non-JCU staff, where not already established, may be arranged with assistance from the Space Management team, as needed. These arrangements fall outside the scope of the Move Manager system.

Policy and Procedures

Move Manager Users should refer to the Space Allocation and Management Policy when raising, endorsing or approving requests.

In particular, the policy provides guidance on how office types, whether enclosed or open plan for example, are mapped to staff roles.

Move checklist

Space allocation / Move ManagerNew Move Request to allocate (or vacate) staff to (from) the correct room.
KeysMEX request for key assignment to staff member.
PackingMEX request for provision of removal boxes, tape.
ShiftingMEX request for contractor assistance with shifting of boxes or furniture.
CleaningMEX request for additional or special cleaning requirements.
Files / RecordsEmail to JCU Records team for advice on handling of any unowned files discovered during the move process.
ComputerService Now request to ICT for assistance with computer connections.
PhoneService Now request to ICT for assistance with phone setup.
Staff contactEmail to ICT to update new location on the staff directory.
Door signMEX to order new door name plate.
MailEmail to mail services to update location.


Space Allocation and Management Policy

Space Moves and Requests to Change Space Procedure

MEX Requests

Service Now