Estate Space and Scheduling Services

Space and Scheduling Services

Space and Information Management Team

The space and information management team supports Estate Directorate and University activities through:

  • Administration of the Integrated Workplace Management System (FM:Interact).
  • Administration of the Computerised Maintenance Management System (MEX).
  • Management of all University space use including workspace allocation approval processes and records.
  • Coordination of refurbishment activities including learning spaces and student study areas.
  • Space planning to meet both immediate changes within units and long-term objectives of the University.
  • Delivery of accurate spatial data and analysis – used for a range of projects and planning activities.

The Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), currently FM:Interact, represents the single source for all University space data. The IWMS connects to and supports a range of University information systems and processes. It is the central repository of information relating to University owned and leased space, on all campuses.

The Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), currently MEX, provides a central maintenance management tool that is used by all University staff to report issues or request assistance from the Estate Directorate. The CMMS is also used to enhance the ability of the Estate Directorate to conduct strategic asset and life-cycle maintenance planning.

Scheduling Services Team

The Scheduling Services Team provides a range of services to the University community, centring around the coordination, production and publication of the class Timetable, and managing internal and external room booking requests across Townsville, Cairns, Mount Isa and Mackay.

The Scheduling Services Team provides the following services to the University community:

  • coordinating the production and publication of the class Timetable
  • management of ad hoc internal and external room bookings in centrally controlled teaching spaces and university meeting rooms
  • Timetabling and Room Bookings

For more information on Timetabling and Room Bookings at JCU, visit the Scheduling Services website.