JCU Campus Parking FAQs

FAQs relating to permit and casual paid parking at JCU Nguma-bada and Bebegu Yumba campuses..

Are parking permits required for JCU-branded vehicles?

No. JCU branded vehicles are exempt from requiring parking permits and can utilise the all day and four-hour permit zones.

What’s the best way to deal with rental cars?

The CellOPark app is the preferred way to pay and is simple to set up and use. Once registered, it only takes a touch of a button to start and end your parking session. Parking machines can also be used for parking sessions.

What do staff or students need to do if they paid for an annual parking permit in Nguma-bada, but visit Bebegu Yumba (or vice versa)?

JCU student and staff parking permits are valid across both campuses, so there is no need to buy a permit for both campuses or pay for casual parking.

Will an annual pass for Nguma-bada be valid in Bebegu Yumba (or vice versa)?

Yes, JCU student and staff parking permits are valid across both campuses.

When is the parking permit or casual paid parking required?

Permit or casual paid parking in permit areas is required between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours parking is free and without time restrictions.

Where will parking permit revenue go?

All revenue from parking will be directed back towards improving JCU transport options, including enhanced lighting, developing and improving car parks, and constructing end-of-ride facilities.

Are there any free parking areas at JCU Bebegu Yumba and JCU Nguma-bada?

Yes, free parking is available in designated areas at JCU Bebegu Yumba and JCU Nguma-bada.

I currently find it hard to find a car park. How does the new system improve parking?

JCU's campuses provide ample parking, with over 4,000 car parks across JCU Bebegu Yumba and 1,300 car parks at JCU Nguma-bada.

During the first few weeks of semester there is sometimes pressure on the high-use car parking areas, but for most of the semester there are always plenty of available car parks around campus.

Entrances to each major car park will display signage to indicate the number of parking bays available, and this will be built into the parking app, saving you time in trying to find a park.

The new system is designed to make it easier for students and staff to find a car park on campus. The 4-hour parking zones will free-up car parks by increasing turnover close to popular buildings. This will help those that want to stay on campus for shorter periods and find a park close to their building. For short visits students, staff and visitors can also use the premium parking bays where they can park for up to 30 minutes free of charge.