Sign in Sign Out

Sign In and Sign Out

You must register your attendance each day by signing in on arrival and out on departure at the contractor kiosk, located on each campus.

Townsville, Bebegu Yumba Campus - Estate Building #57

Cairns, Nguma-bada Campus - Security building A4

External Site Locations

Signing in and out is conducted via the electronic kiosks.

A combination of mobile app and written sign in sign out may be required at remote sites.  If you are working on external sites to JCU campuses you must notify your JCU representative of attendance and departure.

Contractor Identification Cards

Each contractor is provided with an identification tag, which must be worn at all times while working on JCU sites.

As part of your company registration and induction, a photo must be uploaded to each staff profile to be used to create your JCU ID badge.  ID badges can be collected from Estate Directorate 48 hours after induction completion.


  • Contractors issued with University keys are responsible for their safekeeping.
  • All keys issued must be returned to point of issue each day.
  • Lost keys must be reported to JCU Representative within 24 hours to maintain security.
  • Contractors are liable for the costs associated with re-keying due to loss of keys.