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James Cook University is a research intensive institution focusing on improving the lives of people living in the Tropics. Your donation in support of our research you can help us change the world and save lives.

JCU’s Tropics Research Fund supports students pursuing a PhD or Masters of Philosophy whose research is of importance to the peoples of the tropics. This fund is endowed and so all donations would add to the corpus, which has already been established by a generous donor. The proceeds of the interest earned on the corpus is awarded to students selected to receive this scholarship.

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Around half of the world’s population—some three billion people—and 80 per cent of the planet’s animal and plant species live in the tropics. From economic and educational deprivation to disease, loss of culture and the impacts of climate change, the social, economic and environmental challenges facing the tropical zones of northern Australia and the world are immense.

The Cairns Institute is committed to understanding and informing the critical processes of transformation that will shape communities’ and environments’ future wellbeing. Bringing together the expertise and intellectual resources of more than 20 disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, The Cairns Institute is a uniquely robust and vibrant hub of research, capacity building and public debate in the tropics, for the tropics.

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The Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM) is one of JCU’s flagship research institutes. It is Australia’s only dedicated tropical health and medicine research institute, and is focussed on solving problems of importance to the tropics, leading to improvements in health systems and healthcare delivery, improved biosecurity, and enhanced health outcomes for Australians and our neighbouring tropical nations.

A donation to AITHM brings our research one step closer to reality and changing the lives of people in the Tropics. 100% of all your donations go directly to our research to find cures and vaccines for many diseases threatening Australian health security and the health of many people in the Tropics.

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Researchers at JCU are studying healthy sea turtles in order to help the world take better care of sick turtles and return them to their ocean ecosystems.

Help us fill the empty pages in the book on turtle health.

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The Special Collections department at JCU collects and preserves resources that have special significance to the area above latitude 22.5 in Queensland, which includes the Great Barrier Reef, as well as the Torres Strait and other islands.

Caring for these important resources is vital so future generations can enjoy and learn from this unique collection. You can help continue this work by making a donation to the JCU Library Fund today.

Help us preserve North Queensland history

Dwarf Minke WhaleResearchers at JCU are studying Dwarf Minke Whales on the Great Barrier Reef to better understand their migration, population structure, biology and behaviour.

These studies will help inform best practice models for research, management, conservation and whale watch tourism for this fascinating species.

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Types of Donations

JCU accepts cash, shares and securities, debentures and bonds, fully paid up insurance policies where the University is named as the beneficiary, and in some cases realty (including improved and unimproved real estate), personal property such as art, antiques, jewellery, coins and other items of value.

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You can give:

  • Regularly through workplace giving programs and payroll deductions;
  • On one or more occasions each year;
  • As a one-off gift;
  • As a bequest in your will.

JCU accepts donations:

  • Online through our secure payment portal for specific causes;
  • By Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - contact us for details;
  • By cheque - Made out to James Cook University - see mailing address;
  • In cash at our Cashiers office on the Townsville, Bebegu Yumba and Cairns, Nguma-bada campuses;