Project Sites

The Indigenous Legal Needs Project centres around 32 Indigenous communities, or proposed ‘project sites’.

At each of these proposed sites, a total of two focus groups will be held with local Indigenous men and women (separately). The focus groups are intended to provide valuable information in relation to legal needs and to existing service provision in the areas of civil and family law. The groups will be organised with the assistance of an Indigenous man and/or woman from the nominated communities. Stakeholder organisations providing relevant services to the communities will also be interviewed.

The project sites have been selected, and will be finalised by the research team in collaboration with our project partners and with reference to the Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia Plus (ARIA +). The selected sites are intended to represent the diversity of Indigenous communities. In each of the four jurisdictions, sites categorised by the ARIA+ as being very (i) remote, (ii) moderately accessible, (iii) accessible and (iv) highly accessible (in terms of access to goods and services) have been chosen. The communities are located in remote, rural, regional and urban areas.

Proposed Project Sites

Table listing sites by state

Sites as at February 2012

For further detail relating to community visits, see site visits.