Short Term Loans

Short term loans for books, etc

The Library offers two reduced loan periods for high demand items such as books, DVDs and other standard library material:

  • 2 day loans

  • 2 hour loans

2 Day Loans

  • Are located in the main Library collection

  • May be renewed if no hold requests have been placed on them

2 Hour Loans

  • Items are available from the Library desk in Townsville and the Reading Room in Cairns and are for use in the Library only

  • Items can be borrowed for 2 hours from the Library desk

  • Items (except private copies) may be borrowed overnight, half an hour prior to Library closing times and must be returned within half an hour opening the next day

  • All items must be returned to staff at the Library desk

Short term loans for equipment:

There is an additional short loan period for some items of equipment, such as the Outdoor Mats:

3 Hour Loans

  • Items on 3 hour loan must be returned prior to 15 minutes before close of library services. For example, if library services close at 8.00pm, items will need to be returned before 7.45pm
  • Recycled mats need to be returned in the same condition in which they were borrowed (i.e., clean and undamaged)
  • Recycled mats and other equipment on 3 hr loan must be returned directly to library staff


Placing items on 2 Day or 2 Hour Loan

  • Lecturers may request a change to the borrowing time of standard library items (such as books and DVDs) to a 2 Day or 2 Hour Loan if they believe a high turnover is necessary or appropriate

  • For items held by the library, lecturers complete a Short Term Loan Request form (3 days notice required)

  • Items requested for short term loan will be processed within three working days unless the item is on loan or needs to be purchased

  • Items not held by the library must be ordered via the Information Resources purchase request form, indicating the subject code and that the item is to be forwarded to Client Services when received

  • Any extra copies of items placed on 2 hour loan will automatically have their loan period reduced to 2 days

  • All items must have a ‘start’ and ‘end’ date indicated on the request form

  • Privately owned copies may be temporarily added to the 2 hour loan collection while a Library copy is purchased. Please deliver to the library at your selected campus within 3 days of submitting the request form

  • All private copies will be returned to lecturers after the indicated end date