Short Term Loans

Short term loans for books, etc

The standard library loan time is three weeks, with automatic renewals. Items will automatically renew, unless another patron has placed a hold on the item. If you wish to borrow an item that is currently on loan, you will need to place a hold on it to call it back (placing a hold will not shorten the current due date, but will stop renewals).  All checked-in items in the Main Collection, Curriculum Collection and Music Collection are set to 3 Week Loan (items in other collections are usually not for loan, or may only be borrowable under special conditions).

If a high number of requests have been placed on an item, it will be moved to a "High Use", 3 Day Loan category.

High Use Loans

  • Items on High Use can only be checked out for three days
  • These items can be requested, but cannot be renewed while on High Use status.
  • Items move between 3 Week Loans and High Use loans depending on the number of requests
  • Community members (alumni, high school, reciprocal borrowers, etc) cannot borrow items on High Use.
  • You can see if an item is on High Use when you log in to request a book that is currently checked out.

NB: We are steadily removing the 2 Day Loan stickers from items in our collection. We no longer have 2 Day Loans, and these stickers are no longer relevant. All items available for loan in our borrowable collections are standard loans.

Short term loans for equipment:

There is an additional short loan period for some items of equipment, such as the Outdoor Mats:

3 Hour Loans

  • Items on 3 hour loan must be returned prior to 15 minutes before close of library services. For example, if library services close at 8.00pm, items will need to be returned before 7.45pm
  • Recycled mats need to be returned in the same condition in which they were borrowed (i.e., clean and undamaged)
  • Recycled mats and other equipment on 3 hr loan must be returned directly to library staff


Placing items on Short Term Loan

Lecturers may request an item be place on Short Term Loan for works that require an extremely high turnover, such as movies that all students in a class must be able to watch by a certain date (which can be placed on a 3 Hour Loan) or a book that is needed for an assignment (which can be pushed onto a High Use, 3 Day Loan). Submit your request using our Client Services Form and include the date when the item will no longer be required as a High Use item (please note: if usage of the item does not confirm that High Demand is necessary, it may be returned to a normal loan period).

Remember to contact your liaison librarian when setting texts to discuss the access needs for your class.