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Library Zones

Study Spaces in JCU Libraries

The Townsville and Cairns libraries have different zones on each floor. Please choose a zone that is appropriate for your study needs and remember that the library is a shared space.

Some zones are only available during our opening hours. Please check the times  for your local campus library.

Our clients are expected to comply with our Client Services Charter, the Library Use Policy, and the Acceptable Use Policy for university facilities.

Always ensure your valuables are not left unattended.*

The use of headphones is mandatory for any audio on any device.


Ground Floor - Collaboration Zone

  • Group discussion spaces
  • Phone friendly (but be mindful of your neighbours)

Mabo Library Ground Floor Map

Cairns Library Ground Floor Map


First Floor - Quiet Zone

  • Quiet discussions (be mindful of other users)
  • Switch your phone to silent (and take phone calls downstairs)

Mabo Library First Floor Map

Cairns Library First Floor Map


Second Floor - Silent Zone

  • No talking
  • Silent study
  • Switch your phone to silent (and take phone calls downstairs)

Mabo Library Second Floor Map

Cairns Library Second Floor Map

Respect the Library spaces

Help us keep our spaces clean and tidy by:

  • Putting your rubbish in the bins provided
  • Cleaning up after yourself
  • Letting us know if something needs our attention

Food and drink in the library

When using the study spaces in the library, ensure your food is “library friendly”.

  • Cold, quiet food (such as sandwiches and sushi)
  • Covered drinks are welcome on all floors of the library, as long as they do not disturb other library users.
  • Hot, noisy or “aromatic” food is welcome in the cafe, kitchenette and outdoor areas.

Group Study Rooms

Teaching spaces can be used for individual study or group work when they are not being used for classes (these rooms can only be booked by JCU staff).

There are bookable study rooms for students in both libraries.

Eddie Koiki Mabo Library

Our bookable study rooms are located on the Second Floor (bookable by students only). These spaces are considered part of the Quiet Zone, but they are located in the Silent Zone. When using these spaces, be mindful of sound travelling, and keep discussions at a respectable volume.

The individual study rooms are designed for solo use, they are not for small group or pair work. While using these rooms, headphones are still required. Any phone calls should be taken on the ground floor or outside.

iLearning 2C  (room 18.002C) room on the Ground Floor becomes a Silent Zone for after hours study. This space cannot be booked by students, but it is available for student use when there are no classes.

Cairns Library

Our bookable study rooms in the Cairns Library are located on the First Floor (Quiet Zone) and the Second Floor (Silent Zone). When using these spaces, be mindful of sound travelling and keep discussions at a respectable volume.

How to report a problem

Occasionally other library users may not be respectful of our spaces, if you witness this behaviour, you can contact the library staff:

  • In person at the service desk on the ground floor
  • Online, using our contact details or feedback form
  • Using our chat service.

Let us know which campus you are on, which level the problem is and which part of that level requires our attention. The more information you can share, the better we can address the problem quickly and anonymously.

*Powered lockers are available for student use on the ground floor of the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library in Townsville