Interlibrary Loans Service

The Interlibrary Loans and Document Supply service provides access to material not held in JCU libraries. Items which can be obtained from Australian or overseas libraries include books, journal articles, theses, conference proceedings and reports. Complete journal issues usually cannot be borrowed. Many libraries will not lend theses but offer them for purchase as a PDF on CD or as a microform copy.


  • JCU staff and postgraduate students
  • JCU undergraduate students (private payment)
  • Community borrowers and Adjuncts (private payment)

NOTE: While this service is available to all JCU staff and students, you are required use your own College or Research centre charge code to pay for this service or private payment methods. Please see below for charges within Australia and payment options.

Making a request

Clients submit requests electronically via the  Document Delivery Request Form.

Before submitting requests, please check  One Search / Journals carefully to ensure the required item is not already held. Include as much detail as possible on the form and, where possible, the source of reference should be indicated. Incomplete request details require further checking by library staff and may therefore result in delays in forwarding the request.


The Copyright Act must be observed when requesting photocopies or microforms. The Act permits copying of a "reasonable portion" of a book or journal for the purposes of research or study. A "reasonable portion" is defined for books as 10% or one chapter and for journals as one article per issue. More than one article is allowable only if the articles relate to the same subject matter. Requests for photocopies must be signed by the user of the material. Electronic requests require agreement with the Copyright Declaration upon submission. See Copyright at JCU for further information.

How long?

Where possible, requests are sent electronically to assist in speeding up supply. Requests to Australian libraries are normally filled within 1-2 weeks. Delays may occur if the required item is missing or on loan. Overseas requests take a much longer period. Special services are offered for material required more urgently. These incur extra charges.

Collection and Return

Most photocopies are forwarded to the requester's JCU email account. Requesters are notified by email of the arrival of loan material which may then be collected from the Client Services desk at either the Mabo or Cairns Library. Some loans may be required to be used in the library only. The loan period varies and the due date is indicated on the blue slip inside the book. Please return loans to Client Services staff and not through the Express Lending units. Fines and penalties will apply if an item is lost, damaged or overdue.

Interlibrary Loan charges within Australia

NOTE: Prices have increased as of 1st April 2020. If you have any queries please direct them to




Delivery Time

Core Service


(includes delivery charges)

* 4 working days from sent date

Rush Service


(includes delivery charges)

* Within 24 hrs for copies, 48 hrs for loans

Express Service


(includes delivery charges)

* 2 hours for copies, 48 hrs for loans

*Delivery times cannot be guaranteed as they are dependent upon a number of factors outside the library's control. These include location of the supplier, availability of the material and the time spent in transit. They can also depend on the accuracy of the details provided within the request.

Current JCU staff and students are exempt from paying GST on the above charges.


Photocopy - as charged by supplier
Loan - as charged by supplier plus return postage
Theses purchase - as charged by supplier
Microform purchase - as charged by supplier


If requests are to be charged to a University charge code, full details of the account number should be recorded on the request.  If you are a Post Graduate student you will need to ask your supervisor to confirm your eligibility with Document Supply staff prior to submitting a request.

If you do not have a University charge code and are making a personal payment please contact Document Supply staff for instructions and supply situation status due to COVID-19 impact.  

Further information

Please contact Document Supply Service staff or Client Services for further assistance or information.

Document Supply Service

(07) 4781 4162

Client Services

(07) 4781 5500

E-mail Townsville Cairns

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Interlibrary Loans Service

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Document Delivery Request Form

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