Academy Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies is your Academy based support team, here to help you become more fluent and confident in the use of the wide range of virtual and physical tools available to us all at James Cook University.

We offer at-elbow support to academics as well as virtual, interactive support sessions. Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge which we're eager to share. We strongly believe that together we can build a robust and captivating learning experience for our Students by empowering our Academics to learn interesting and novel ways to deliver their content.

Please reach out to us! No question is too simple; no idea too outrageous.

What we do


  • Creation of digital learning objects, designed to excite and foster learning in students.
  • Provide easy-to-use designs and guides for LearnJCU Subject Sites.
  • Re-author existing content to meet current standards.


  • Troubleshoot issues both within the LearnJCU environment and beyond.
  • Advise on and investigate potential solutions for ideas Academics want to implement.
  • Be present and available for 'just in time' issues when test-running new tools and technology.
  • Provide support for Live-stream and recorded events, seminars, webinars and lectures.
  • Advocate on your behalf to other support teams in the case where we cannot assist directly.


  • Offer at-elbow support either in person or virtually through Teams or Zoom.
  • Provide interactive online support sessions touching on topics most requested by you.


  • Find, acquire and test the latest technologies current and emerging, which can be adapted for learning.
  • Provide a repository of cutting edge tools and apps for academics to explore and test.

Learning Technology Team

Manager, Learning Technology

  • Greg Walsh

Digital Support Advisors

  • Naomi Millgate
  • Colleen Hodgins

Digital Support Officers

  • Stephen Pritchard
  • Nick Corbett
  • Sophie Kempson
  • Raffaele Giordano
  • Matthew Hall

Digital Support Assistants

  • Daniel Pye
  • Luisa Renderos

Team Email: