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International study highlights best RATs
Thu, 2 May 2024
A ground-breaking study by James Cook University researchers has produced damning findings on several COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) available in Australia and overseas.

Rudeness endangers patients
Tue, 9 Apr 2024
James Cook University researchers say rudeness and discourtesy between health workers is endangering patients.

Good news on tropical disease fight
Wed, 27 Mar 2024
Scientists say humankind is on the cusp of developing vaccines to control many tropical infectious diseases - lifting much of the burden of disease in developing countries and alleviating the spread of infections caused by global travel and climate change.

Restrictive health data systems limit health care
Tue, 5 Mar 2024
A James Cook University research team has found restrictions on public access to information about health service delivery and reliance on health data sources not fit for purpose are hindering the provision of adequate health care to Northern Queensland rural and remote communities.

Desex dilemma for Rottie owners
Thu, 29 Feb 2024
Owners of a popular dog breed are being encouraged to keep their pet pooch in tip-top condition after a James Cook University study found Rottweilers could suffer from reduced lifespan after the snip.

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