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The JCU Student Centre is the number one point of student contact. Our staff will provide advice on courses, enrolment, subjects, fees, support services, scholarships, exams and even directions.

CPHMVS.Admin@jcu.edu.au - The Administration Team supports visitors and academic staff with general administration, travel, human resource contracts and finance.  For any enquiries, please contact the Team via this email.

CPHMVS.AcademicServices@jcu.edu.au - The Academic Services Team directly supports students, academic staff and researchers to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of academic learning and teaching within the College.  For all curriculum including subject outlines, CSDB/TRDB, timetabling, higher degree by research (HDR) or course material, on-course assessment and examinations, please contact the Team via this email.

CPHMVS.StudentPlacements@jcu.edu.au - The Academic Services Team support the College's student placement programs in Veterinary Science, Biomedical Science, Medical Laboratory Science and Public Health and Tropical Medicine.  For all student placement enquiries, please contact the team via this email.

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