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Nguma-bada Campus CellOPark Casual Parking

It's free to register and use CellOPark. Your vehicle registration is recorded when you start a parking session.

Paid parking applies to all vehicles between 8AM and 5PM Monday to Friday. Look for signs at the entrance of each car park.

Available bays will be difficult to locate in early semester. Please consider alternative transport options during these peak times.

CellOPark requires users to nominated a payment methods for casual parking fees:

Prepaid cards can be purchased from CellOPark online or via the app..

Prepaid card payments will be deducted from a prepaid balance at the end of each transaction. Users can check their prepaid balance at any time.

Credit and/or debit card payments will be deducted monthly for all transactions incurred during the month. Users can track their monthly transactions at any time.

How to use CellOPark

Register with CellOPark to set up your payment option and activate parking sessions.

Register online

Create a CellOPark account, enter your contact and vehicle information and nominate a payment method. You can add the details of up to three vehicles.

To activate your parking session online, log into your account and select Live Parking. Nominate your location, the sign-posted 7-digit zone number, your vehicle registration and select START.

You will need to deactivate your parking session by logging in and selecting STOP.

Download the app

Download the app from the CellOPark website.

Open the app and select your location. You can scan the QR code on a parking zone sign or enter your car park zone number.

Enter your vehicle registration information and select START.

When you return to your vehicle, remember to deactivate your parking session.

Register by phone

Contact CellOPark on (07) 5646 5222 to initiate a parking session.

Nominate your vehicle registration information and enter the sign-posted 7-digit zone number to activate your parking session.

You must have caller ID enabled so the CellOPark system can identify you. Call the CellOPark number again to deactivate your parking session.

Tips for using CellOPark

If you require support for the CellOPark app or website, or you wish to query parking fees, please dial 1300 CellOPark or email

Your session is active when you see the timer start. Don’t forget to stop your session when you finish.

Check your registration details are correct if you use more than one vehicle.

In all day zones, you have ten minutes before you are charged the All Day rate. This allows you time to correct errors such as starting a session with the incorrect registration details.

If you park in a daily zone or a capped zone, your parking session will be capped at the daily rate, even if you forget to stop the app.

If you forget to stop the app in the 4-hour parking zone (Yellow zone) your parking session will be capped at $2.25 for the day.

If the app is not working or your phone is not compatible with the app, please contact CellOPark on (07) 5646 5222 to start and stop a session.

Manage your payment type, registration details and personal details, check your parking charges and download invoices online at CellOPark.