Working off campus

If you have a computer or mobile device (eg: iPad or Android Tablet) you can work from home accessing JCU files, software and services that you use at work, including email, LearnJCU, My HR Online and eStudent.  The following guides provide a walkthrough to get you connected when working of campus.

There are specific instructions for Staff working off campus.

If you have needs other than the services mentioned above please contact the ITHelpdesk via email or self-service portal.

You’ll need:

  1. Internet access. Don’t forget you can also tether (join) the internet using your Apple or Android 3G/4G service.
  2. Virus protection installed on your home computer. If you don’t, you can download and install Sophos Home.
  3. Up to date Windows or Apple security patches installed.
  4. If you need access documents on Corp File Shares (the file shares mapped on your work JCU computer) you must install and configure the BIG-IP Edge VPN Client on your device, then set up a VPN connection on your:
    1. Computer Windows
    2. Computer Mac
    3. Mobile Device

Once you complete the actions above, you can:

  1. Access your work file shares on a PC or Mac
  2. Access web-based applications such as HROnline, StaffOnline etc.

Note it is important when you stop using your home (personal computer or mobile device) for work purposes that you disconnect from the VPN connections.

You can also remotely control a computer from home or while travelling using Remote Desktop.  This allows you to use the data, applications, and network resources that are on your office computer, without being in your office.

Under the Terms and Conditions of JCU software Agreements, the installation of certain software products on a personally owned Staff computer is permitted. The software must be used for JCU purposes only and a list of available software is below, Singapore Staff please consult the eligibility page.

Please read individual licensing agreements above, as some software is restricted to particular staff groups or locations.

Other resources are cloud-based and can be accessed as long as you have an internet connection, these include:

  1. Email, contacts, calendar and tasks
  2. Office Online (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  3. OneDrive for Business sync your files to or from the cloud
  4. Microsoft Teams
  5. Yammer
  6. Zoom
  7. Other O365 applications
  8. JCU Web sites requiring authentication
  9. Library online resources
  10. Digitally signing Adobe PDFs

You can find out more information on the IT Web Site about how to access these resources on iPads or Android tablets or phones.

If you have needs other than the services mentioned above please contact the ITHelpdesk via email or self-service portal.