The Foundation for Australian Literary Studies has produced and supported a number of publications over its 50 year history.

From 1971 LiNQ published fiction and poetry, as well as peer-reviewed papers and reviews of local, national, and international interest in the areas of literature, media/cinema, and culture.

The journal had a long standing commitment to regional writing in general and to Australian literature in particular.

From 2017, LiNQ partnered with the Etropic journal to produce a special issue that publishes academic and creative works.

Check out the LiNQ archives.

The Foundation supported a number of specialist works of writing on key subject areas or people. These monographs were originally printed and sold by the Foundation, however as part of the their 50th year project many of the works were digitized and are now available online for free.

As part of the Roderick Lecture series many of the lectures have been transcribed and published online.

See the full list of guests who have presented Roderick Memorial Lectures over the years.

As part of their 50 year celebration the Foundation commissioned a comprehensive history to be written. The work includes the initial two decades written by Prof Colin Roderick and then the subsequent three decades written by Dr Lyndon Megarrity.