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Indigenous students ambassador program

Have you successfully completed 12 months of your course? Interested in casual employment through the IERC? You can make a difference to people who may not otherwise be considering applying to higher education. Be part of the IERC's team promoting our programs and JCU's opportunities  and events!

With general direction and training, Indigenous Student Ambassadors join IERC Staff to inspire and inform prospective students through various events including career expos, school visits, campus tours and our Summer and Winter Programs. Use your personal experiences to talk about educational opportunities and the benefits of higher education.

To be eligible for this position, you must have successfully completed at least 12 months of your course, be a currently enrolled Indigenous student, and have a Satisfactory Academic Status. Email us to become an Indigenous student ambassador today!

Student ambassadors.

Indigenous Peer Assisted Learning (IPAL) Tutoring Program

Are you passionate about education and supporting Indigenous students? Join IERC a tutor in the IPAL tutoring program! Make a difference by providing personalised academic assistance, boosting student confidence, and fostering a supportive learning environment. Flexible hours, competitive pay, and a rewarding experience await you. Apply now to become a tutor and contribute to the success of Indigenous students at JCU.

For more details, visit our Indigenous Tutoring Assistance page.

IPAL Tutoring

JCU Indigenous Student Association

In 2023 JCU got their first Indigenous Student Association! The association was launched with the meaningful name from the Birri gubba language "Wadja Bimbi" (meaning good talk). They meet weekly at the IERC on the Bebegu Yumba Townsville campus for group study sessions and to plan social and cultural events. Follow them on Facebook to get in touch for more information on how to join.

JCU Student Association

Want to gain access to clubs, sports, memberships and JCU's upcoming events? The JCU Student Association (JCUSA) is a not-for-profit organisation independent of the university. They have information and discounts on clubs/societies, memberships, support, sport and the JCU gym located on the Bebegu Yumba Townsville and Nguma-bada Cairns campuses. They can offer a free, independent, confidential and non-judgemental service to all JCU students.

Careers and employability

JCU offers services to help you create your resume, find a job and give you the edge in career opportunities. This covers general information as well as specific advice to your field/discipline. Check out JCU's careers and employability page to view example resumes, job searching information and career ready plans. Information is inclusive of employment support for students with disabilities and/or health conditions. You can also book an appointment to speak to someone about preparing for job interviews. Don't forget to see what events, training and workshops are coming up. This page is designed to help you get ready for employment while you study.

This is your student journey so check out as much as you can! Whether it's directly through us at the IERC or through the various associations and services JCU has to offer, the important thing is to give it a go and have fun!