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Mer (Murray Island) looking over Waier and Dauar

Image: Mer (Murray Island) looking out towards Waier and Dauar

We are committed to strengthening the capacity and distinctiveness of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers at JCU. The intent is to produce research that has a positive impact on Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and provide an effective platform to position JCU as a leader in Indigenous research in the national and international context.

Our academic staff have expertise in areas related to the development of communities of practice and understanding research impact in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, social and emotional well being, criminal justice engagement, and the development of academic persistence.

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For further research opportunities, contact the JCU Graduate Research School for research and funding opportunities, research advisors, and candidature enrolment and management.

Research Projects

See our list of current, completed and new research project submissions below. Contact the lead researcher to find out more about these projects.

PhD Candidate Opportunities

If you are interested in being part of exciting research projects, check out the list of available PhD Candidate Opportunities currently open with the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program (RRAP).