Scholarships reduce some of the pressures of pursuing further education. It allows students to enhance their knowledge and skills while minimising financial stress and burden. Scholarships are used to:

  • Create opportunities for people who otherwise would not be able to go to university.
  • Free up time for studying. This allows students to focus on getting the best grades possible making them more competitive in the job market once they graduate.
  • Purchase the necessary materials to complete their course (e.g., textbooks, laptops, writing equipment etc.).
  • Reduce student debt. This debt tends to increase over time due to interest rates putting students in further financial grief.
  • Be an impressive addition to resumes. Scholarships aren’t just about money; they can be about exceptional grades, good academic skills and outstanding achievements which makes a resume more distinctive.

"The Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme (PHMSS) is for undergraduate students seeking a future in health-related disciplines. PHMSS has allowed me to concentrate on my studies by providing me with financial stability throughout them. I am honoured to have received this scholarship as it encourages me to stay focused and motivated on my end goal – to work in oncology.

For anyone hesitant on applying for a scholarship: just go for it because it provides you with so much help and assistance."

Destiny McDonald

Current JCU Nursing Student

The Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme (PHMSS) 2024-2027

Destiny McDonald

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