Student Success Stories

Our Students are Making a Difference

Our students are at the heart of our University and we inspire them to make a difference in their fields as well as their communities.

At the Indigenous Education and Research Centre we empower students to be independent, critical and analytical thinkers, and assist them to plan, set and achieve their goals.

To see our students succeed is the most satisfying experience for all of us at the IERC.

We acknowledge the efforts students are putting into their studies and careers, and celebrate their achievements.

Hear our current students and graduates stories

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Chantelle Blackwell

Bachelor of Advanced Science

Chantelle in her happy place

“As a child of the land, I feel is essential to learn of God’s creation in order to protect, conserve and share the beauty of life underwater.”

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Merinda Walters

Bachelor of Environmental Practice

Mindy during her internship

We live in a world where pollution, climate change and human impact have painted the future in uncertainty. We are the generation that will change it and this degree will help you to be part of that change."

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Joanne Kaczmarek

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Jo on placement on TI

"My journey to medicine probably doesn't fit the common narrative. Studying medicine isn't the fulfilment of a lifelong goal of mine. In fact, it wasn't even on my radar until a few years ago."

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Anastasia Jensen

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Anastasia Jensen

"I like to share my story because it gets down to basics with a lot of young people. Many who I have spoken to come from a very similar background to me."

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Max McLachlan

Bachelor of Business, Majoring in Economics and Management

Max McLachlan

“I spent my internship in Tahiti, French Polynesia. In my three weeks in Tahiti, my role was to observe, learn, develop and implement strategies and ideas to improve trade between Australia and Tahiti."

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Anthony Nicholls

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (JCU Graduate)

Anthony Nicholls with client

"Be open to new opportunities and work hard in the classroom, as these efforts will open doors for you."

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Dr Nickalus Saveka

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (JCU Graduate)

Dr Nickalus Saveka

“We have to change our way of not aiming for anything higher, because we think we’re not smart enough. I was never smart at school either, but it’s just that thinking.”

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Jade Gould

Bachelor of Science (JCU Graduate)

Jade Gould

"Investing these few years in yourself learning and developing, and the connections made at uni is extremely valuable."

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