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We have a suite of Indigenous Studies that build your understanding of Indigenous ideas and practices. They will also enhance your placement experiences giving you the skills to work confidently with communities across Australia.

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Indigenous Studies

Interested in learning about Indigenous people, communities and ideas? How about exploring Indigenous People of Place, People of Knowledge and People of Science? Our Indigenous Studies programs can teach you! We have our Undergraduate Studies (Indigenous), Graduate Certificate of Indigenous Studies, Master of Philosophy (Indigenous) and Doctorate of Philosophy (Indigenous). Students graduate with cross-cultural understandings ready for diverse perspectives, narratives and conversations.


You may not have much (or any) general knowledge about Indigenous people; we will provide you with support so you can understand and actively participate in the conversations. A lot of students choose these subjects as electives. This is also important as it adds to the diversity of students’ majors and Bachelors. You can take what you learn with you and apply it to your career or even just take on fresh perspectives on issues that affect our Indigenous peoples.

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Ancient Knowledges, Current Solutions

Ancient Knowledges, Current Solutions

Indigenous studies prepares you to use academic processes to explore and consider the crossovers within Western and Indigenous approaches.

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“The Indigenous subjects were just mind blowing. They expanded my thoughts and my ideas and how I operate myself as a person now which has been amazing.”

Tracey Hough

JCU Alumni

BA (major)

Tracey Hough.

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