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2022 IRSN Staff

Professor Martin Nakata

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Indigenous Education and Strategy

Prof Nakata is Deputy Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Education & Strategy at James Cook University. He is a leading Indigenous academic in Australia, and the first Torres Strait Islander to graduate with a PhD.

Associate Professor Felecia Watkin Lui

Head of Indigenous Teaching Programs, IERC

Associate Professor Watkin Lui is a Torres Strait Islander woman with giz from Erub, Mabuiag and Badu. Her current research focuses on co-design and knowledge translation in a range of community based settings.

Adjunct Professor Yvonne Cadet-James

Professor Cadet-James is a Gugu Badhun Aboriginal Woman. She is a qualitative researcher in Public Health and Indigenous Health and Wellbeing, and is interested in Empowerment; Maternal, Adolescent and Child Health; Indigenous Health Care Equity.…

Distinguished Professor Sean Ulm

Associate Dean, Research Education

Sean is a professional anthropological archaeologist. Sean’s partnership research with Indigenous communities focuses on persistent problems in the archaeology of Australia and the western Pacific.

Dr Ailie McDowall

Senior Lecturer, IERC

I am an educational researcher and am currently working on a project about how we prepare postgraduate research students to work with Indigenous research topics. I also teach undergraduate and postgraduate Indigenous Studies students.

Dr Saparna Pai

Adjunct Research Fellow, AITHM

I have 14 years’ experience in cellular immunology, mostly devoted to studying antigen presentation and CD8+ T cell immunity. This drives my research in understanding immunological processes to develop better treatment for infectious diseases.…

Dr Phurpa Wangchuk

Senior Research Fellow, AITHM

We look at discovering novel anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, antimicrobial, and antimalarial drug leads from natural sources—medicinal plants, climate-affected plants, insect fungi, parasitic helminths, and other FNQ flora and fauna.

Associate Professor Wendy Li

Psychology, College of Healthcare Sciences

A/Prof Li is an Associate Dean for Research in CHS, Founding Chair of the AusAsian Mental Health Research Group (AMHRG), and founds and leads the Mindfulness Lab at JCU.…

Dr Amanda Krause

Psychology, College of Healthcare Sciences

As a music psychology scholar based at JCU, Dr Krause studies how we experience music in our everyday lives. Her research asks how our musical experiences influence our health and well-being. www.researchaboutlistening.com…

Dr Liza van Eijk

Psychology, College of Healthcare Sciences

Dr van Eijk has strong interest in neuroimaging and neuropsychology; particularly, in identifying biomarkers to improve patient’s lives—assisting with earlier diagnosis, personalizing treatment, or distinguishing between disease subtypes.…

Dr Kirstie Broadfield

Cairns Institute Postgraduate Fellow

I am interested in decolonising research, sociology, criminology, mental health, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation that impact the lives of Indigenous Australians.

Photo of Ms Jodi Brown

Ms Jodi Brown

2022 IRSN Students

The IRSN's research philosophy is supported by a tremendous group of research students. We have a committed and growing team of Masters and PhD students, some of whom are shown below.

Ms Jessica Muller

Research Academic, IERC

Jessica Muller is a PhD (Health) Candidate and is passionate about improving the cultural safety of healthcare professionals working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.

Photo of Ms Carolyn Trott

Ms Carolyn Trott

MPhil (Indigenous) Student

As a non-Indigenous teacher in rural Victoria, I'm keen to contribute to the self-determination agenda of Indigenous people. My MPhil focuses on the ways learning is represented in the Australian education system's policy and program documents.…

Ms Sarah Burke

MPhil (Indigenous) Student

I am a member of the north-west Queensland Aboriginal community. My MPhil (Indigenous) explores how contemporary non-Indigenous narratives of land impact Indigenous people's relationships with land.

Ms Kaila Putter

PhD Student, College of Healthcare Sciences

Kaila's PhD research is focused on perinatal mental health, with a particular focus on PAHL's Bamboo program (a peer-support program for first-time mothers).

Ms Linda Llewellyn

PhD Student

I am a non-Indigenous PhD researcher looking at what works for Indigenous students in the classroom for behaviour support; what non-Indigenous teachers can do to improve outcomes for Indigenous children.