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Closing Dates for Submission of Human Ethics Applications

Any ethics application received after the closing date to Human Ethics Advisors will be held over to the next meeting of the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month, except for December. There is no January HREC meeting.

HREC decisions will be released 7-10 working days after the meeting date. Most applications are approved at the meeting submitted, but the HREC may request further details or amendments from applicants or a resubmission of an application to the next meeting of the HREC. In planning your research project, please allow a maximum of 2 months for passage of your application from submission to approval.

Low/Negligible risk ethics applications can be submitted at any time as they are reviewed on a continual basis and do not have a deadline for submission.

Closing Dates for Human Ethics Applications 2021

(Last Tuesday of the month)
Closing Date
Human Ethics Advisor
Closing Date
Submission Ethics, JCU Connect
23 February 202119 January 20212 February 2021
30 March 202123 February 20219 March 2021
27 April 202123 March 20216 April 2021
25 May 202120 April 20214 May 2021
29 June 202125 May 20218 June 2021
27 July 202122 June 20216 July 2021
24 August 202120 July 20213 August 2021
28 September 202124 August 20217 September 2021
26 October 202121 September 20215 October 2021
30 November 202126 October 20219 November 2021
7 December 20212 November 202116 November 2021