JCU Connect Research Crowdfunding Application Uploading a Pitch Video to YouTube

Uploading a Pitch Video to YouTube

Step 1

  • Record your Pitch Video and save as a .MP4 file.

Step 2

Step 3

Upload your Video

  • Click the Upload video Button in the Top Right menu it looks like this:
  • YouTube upload menu

Step 4

You should see the Select files to upload screen:

YouTube Video Upload Screen

  • You can Drag and Drop the Video file here.


Make sure you select "Unlisted" from the privacy drop-down.

This will ensure that only people with the video's direct link can access it.

Step 5

Once the file is selected you should see the uploading screen:

  • Here you can add a Title and Description for your Pitch Video.
  • It will take several minutes to upload the video, be patient.

YouTube upload screen

Step 6

  • Navigate to the Advanced Settings tab and un-tick the sharing options to match the below example.

YouTube advanced settings page

Step 7

  • Once Complete click 'Done' button.

You have successfully uploaded a Video to YouTube.


  • Copy the YouTube video link for use in your Application