JCU Connect Research Grants and Funding

Research Grants and Funding

The JCU Connect Grants team supports JCU researchers through direct engagement across all Divisions throughout the grant and research funding lifecycle. We collaborate with other university services areas to ensure our researchers receive outstanding support that is both to quality and to time.

The JCU Connect Grants team connects JCU researchers to major funding agencies such as the NHMRC, ARC, as well as NGO opportunities and other non-traditional sources of funding, including commercialisation.

Our team members have a wealth of knowledge and experience in interpreting funding rules, applying the instructions to applicants, and implementing best practice research management procedures.

We provide the following services:

  • Support for the development of applications
  • Preparation and submission of applications
  • Guidance through funding body assessment processes
  • Facilitating the development and signing of research agreements
  • Establishment and support for awarded research projects
  • Coordinated queries and responses to funding bodies regarding changing needs and circumstances of projects
  • Design and delivery of funding related workshops and seminars
  • Facilitating the connection to industry
  • Support of the establishment of start-ups through the JCU Ideas Lab.


  • JCU internal grants and scholarships for students can be found here.
  • JCU Sandpit to Seed Funding (S2S) aims to bridge the gap between traditional funding and emerging projects, technologies, or commercial development.


There is an extensive array of research grant opportunities open to JCU researchers, from all disciplines, and from a wide range of funding bodies in Australia and overseas.

The JCU Connect Grants team is here to provide support in navigating this complex landscape and identifying the right research grant opportunity for a researcher’s project.

Specifically, the team can provide:

  • Advice in the use of Research Professional - a comprehensive, searchable, online database of grant opportunities, with settings customised specifically for JCU researchers;
  • Support with navigating the large range funding body websites, and other searchable online grant platforms, including GrantConnect and grants.gov;
  • Targeted advice and support on the potential fit of a grant opportunity to a research project and professional objectives.

Quick access to JCU Research Funding Approval Form (RFAF)

Applications for external competitive grant opportunities are submitted through the JCU Connect Grants team. We provide advice on all elements of grant applications from development and preparation to approval and submission.

Our team offers strategic feedback and ensures core eligibility and compliance requirements are met. We will also assist you in coordinating the required internal institutional certifications in order to meet funding body requirements.

Specifically, the team can provide:

  • Scheme specific submission process instructions and timelines;
  • Interpretation and advice on scheme guidelines, rules and funding body requirements;
  • Advice on grant application budgetary requirements;
  • Strategic, technical and compliance feedback on grant applications;
  • Application input relating to JCU’s organisational framework; and
  • Coordination of JCU Letters of Support and institutional sign-offs.

Different funding bodies have different submission requirements. Understanding the requirements well in advance is paramount to planning a smooth and successful grant application submission.


  • Applications MUST be completed in RMS / Sapphire and submitted to the JCU Connect Grants Team at least 4 weeks prior to the submission date

Other Australia based funding bodies:

  • Applications MUST be submitted to JCU Connect Grants Team at least 1 week prior to the submission date

International funding bodies:

  • Applications MUST be submitted to JCU Connect Grants Team at least 2 weeks prior to the submission date

For grant applications to be submitted, researchers must complete and provide the JCU Connect Grants Team with a completed JCU Research Funding Approval Form, signed-off by the relevant College Dean or Institute Director.

If you are successful in receiving a research grant, there are a number of actions you need to take to formally accept and manage your grant in accordance with its terms and conditions.

The JCU Connect Grants team supports the non-financial grants management process by:

  • Providing the administrative point of contact for notification of grand awards;
  • Facilitating acceptance of the grant agreement on behalf of JCU;
  • Coordinating the development and signing of grant agreements, with the support of the JCU Connect Contracts team;
  • Liaising with the Directorate of Financial and Business Services (FaBS) to create research accounts for researchers to access grant funding;
  • Variations to grants, including extensions, changes to research plans and grant transfers;
  • Coordinating the preparation and submission of progress and final reports.

FaBS, through the Grants Finance Officers, is responsible for assisting JCU researchers with the post-award management of the financial aspects of research grants, including invoicing, accessing accounts and preparing financial statements.

Contact the JCU Connect Grants team

General enquiries: grantsconnect@jcu.edu.au or via our online enquiry form.

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Tina Langford

Manager, Research Grants, Ethics and Integrity


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Advisor, Research Grants and Opportunities




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Sarah Akikusa

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Alan Stewart

Contracts Support Officer

grantsconnect@jcu.edu.au; contractsconnect@jcu.edu.au