HREC Application Process

The JCU HREC will accept either the JCU HREC Application Formor the National Human Research Ethics Application online application form.

The HREC meets monthly, except for January, on the middle Tuesday of the month. Submissions to a HREC meeting must be received at least 3 weeks before the scheduled meeting date. On rare occasions, and only if there is a good reason, late applications maybe accepted or urgent review may be arranged.

Online Interviews, Focus Groups and other Online Interactions with Participants

Please use Microsoft Teams for any online interactions with participants or transcriptions, as Teams provides the most secure environment  and data storage for Teams is in Australia.

Human Ethics Advisor Review

Once your application is complete, you will need to submit it for review by a Human Ethics Advisor.

Follow the instructions in the Ethics Advisor's Review Report, and send it to the Advisor as a word document, preferably, rather than a PDF.

The Ethics Advisor will provide feedback on your application.

Return of the Ethics Advisor's Review

Once you have your review, send all documents for signatures by your Dean.

What to Include in your Application

  • A HREC Application Form
  • An Information Sheet (if applicable)
  • A Consent Form (if applicable)
  • Attachments (draft or final copies of surveys, questionnaires, letters of support/approval, advertisement flyers).
  • A complete application ready for submissions needs to include a signed original application (signed by Principal Investigator, Supervisor/s (if applicable)), Dean of College/Delegate and Human Ethics Advisor.

Submitting your Application

Once your application has been signed by the Dean, submit all documents in a single PDF file to

The ethical review of your research and the Review Pathway will be guided by the National Statement, and decisions made will be based on this document, related guides and legislation.

Need Help with your Application

If you have any questions about the HREC application form, documentation, application or review process, please contact the Ethics Office.