Cisco SX10_SX20

sx10/20 remote

Remote control navigation

Use the cursor keys on the remote control to navigate to one of the four icons on the screen representing Settings, Camera, Call and Share. A green ring around the icon shows when it has been selected. Press the OK/Enter key to open it.

  • Systems settings - to show system information etc.
  • Camera - to adjust the camera
  • Call - to connect a call manually
  • Share - to share content from a laptop or in room PC

Make a call

Navigate to the Call icon and press the OK/Enter key. Select a room by navigating to the Favourites, Recents or Directory and push the Green button on the remote control to make the call. Push the -/+ button along the top of the remote control to adjust the volume of the Far End.

Address book

Show presentation

Some AV rooms have a Dell PC connected to the system for content sharing. Navigate to the share content icon and press the OK/Enter key to start the presentation.

An HDMI cable is provided to connect a laptop to the AV system. Ensure the laptop is set to Duplicate or Mirror its display then navigate to the Share icon on the screen using the remote control and press the OK/Enter button to start sharing the presentation.

Content can also be shown wirelessly from a laptop, tablet and smart phone. This requires the Cisco proximity software be installed on the laptop and the relevant app downloaded for tablets and smart phones. When sharing wirelessly sounds is not transferred through the system. Videos played will be shown at a very low frame rate, hence not suited for wireless sharing.