Zoom meetings are automatically connected by VAVS in centrally bookable video conference enabled rooms . In AV rooms without video conference equipment, the participant(s) is advised to use the in house all-in-one Dell PC or a laptop, to connect to Zoom. Please note the quality of the inbuilt video camera and microphone in the PCs, are not comparable to the equipment in video conference and zoom rooms.

  • How to run a successful video conference
  • If you are in a videoconference enabled room, connected to Zoom, please avoid connecting to Zoom on a personal portable device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) as this is likely to introduce feedback and will severely compromise the audio quality. Mute the room microphone by using the Cisco remote control. In-room microphones are particularly sensitive and designed to pick up the smallest sounds, ensure you are not rustling papers or tapping pens near these, as the noise can be extremely distracting for remote participants.