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Touch Panel Guides

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Room A1-014 Touch Panel

System is Off

The Audio Visual control systems in the following rooms in Cairns and Townsville are identical and controlled from a touch panel on the lectern:

  • Cairns rooms: A1-014, A1-126, A4-004, A4-016, A4-026, B1-124, D1-001A, D1-001B, D3-059, D3-144, D3-149, E1-113 and E2-003.
  • Townsville rooms: 14-006, 14-201, 15-014, 15-143 and 110-002.

system is off


  • 1x projector or large flat panel display
  • Touch panel for all AV control
  • Desktop PC
  • Document camera
  • Wireless presenter for connecting a BYOD to the AV system
  • Wall mounted speakers
  • HDMI cable with adaptors for laptop connections

Touch the screen to activate for connecting a laptop to the AV system.

System is On

system is on


  • Main Screen - show presentation on display system
  • Exit - turn off the AV system
  • Audio
    • Volume (slider) - adjust the playback volume of the PC and laptop


  • Off (No image) - show nothing on the display system.
  • Computer - show the desktop PC.
  • Laptop - show a laptop connected to the AV system by the HDMI cable.
  • Document Camera - show the document camera.
  • Wireless Presenter - show the instructions for how to connect a BYOD (laptop, tablet, smart phone) wirelessly to the AV system.
    Take note of the Room Name (IP address) and Code shown. Peruse this guide for instructions on how to connect.
  • Student Display - enable students at each work group table push laptop content onto the associated work group table flat panel display.

Turn off system

turn off system

Touch the Exit button and Yes button to turn off the AV system