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We recommend you familiarise yourself with the audio visual equipment in your allocated teaching space well in advance of commencing teaching, particularly if this is your first time. You can tour the AV Rooms AV Rooms virtually, find out what equipment is available and how to use it. Technical staff are available in Cairns and Townsville to assist in the rooms however we are often quite busy particularly at the change over time 5 minutes to the hour but will attempt to assist in any way we can and time permitting.

AV Technicians are available to train and assist users to get the full benefit of JCU Videoconferencing and Audio Visual Systems, either as a one on one or group training sessions. To arrange for training, please contact VAVS

Guides to audio visual equipment are available as follows:

The provided HDMI cable in centrally bookable rooms are fitted with adaptors for USB-C and Apple MiniDisplay as a minimum - many rooms have several more adaptors.

Traditional videoconference endpoint (room equipment) hardware in use at JCU:

  • The panels are normally powered on and in stand-by mode when not in use. Hence, they are ready to use without any manipulation of its controls. However, given humans are inquisitive and experimental by nature, the screens may be left with the wrong input for the next user and occasionally even powered off completely. Contact VAVS should you encounter problems of this nature in a centrally bookable room.
  • Infrared systems use infrared light waves to send sounds across a room. The system changes sounds into light and sends them to a receiver where the light waves are changed back into sound.
  • Williams Sound
  • Sennheiser