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Definition and Purpose

Videoconferencing delivers audio and video to bring people at different geographical locations together and share content in real time.

Videoconference sessions can be as simple as a conversation between two people in private offices (point-to-point) or involve several sites (multi-point) with more than one person in rooms of various sizes at different locations showing content such as information stored on computers, views of objects and documents etc. Jabber Video (formerly known as Movi) is available to staff at JCU enabling them to connect to other Jabber Video users as well as any other H323 compliant videoconferencing system in the world.

At JCU, videoconferencing venues include smaller board rooms, medium sized presentation/lecture rooms and large theatres, all with fully integrated videoconferencing systems. Some of these JCU venues are multi-point capable with in built resources to connect 3 video participants and 3 telephone calls concurrently. Bridging equipment or Multipoint Control Units (MCU) allow several concurrent videoconferences with a large number of participants.

Videoconferencing standards and terminology.

JCU Videoconference Rooms

Over 140 JCU videoconferencing systems (personal and room based) are located in Atherton, Cairns, Mackay, Singapore, Thursday Island and Townsville (Douglas and CBD campus) with additional back-end infrastructure hardware such as gateways, VCS, MCU and content servers concentrated in Cairns and Townsville.

Find a room

Alternatively, locate a room by clicking on one of the links below and select a room from the drop down menu and press the Go button. A virtual view, an audio visual equipment list and associated guides will be shown for your perusal.

Small conference rooms with board room style set ups, are ideal for groups of 8 to 14 persons, where a large degree of interaction is required between the participants at both ends while the facilities such as the Sir George Kneipp auditorium (492 seats), Crowther 1 (300), the New Medical School theatre (295) and Nursing Science theatres (200+) fitted with sizeable projector screens, are suitable for presentations and lectures to the larger groups

Videoconference enabled rooms at Cairns, Townsville and Townsville CBD are fitted with the following equipment as standard:

* Single or dual flat panel displays or projector screens
* Document cameras
* DVD/VHS players (being gradually phased out)
* In house PC (suitable for playing DVDs)
* Microphones (Wireless microphones in the larger rooms)
* Facilities to connect laptop computers

Experienced technicians are available to assist with customised training if required.

Click on the link below to find and virtually view the rooms.

ITU Standard

Our systems use internationally recognized standards as laid down by ITU, the International Telecommunications Union. Hence, we do not use nor support Skype, as this uses proprietary protocols which are incompatible with commercial videoconferencing systems. If you opt for Skype, this can be used on a PC with a decent broadband connection.

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