AV systems training

There is a wide variety of AV equipment in use and we encourage lecturers and presenters familiarize yourselves with the equipment prior to the first lecture/presentation.

There are JCU Virtual Rooms set up on our website where you can view a room and see a list of equipment fitted to each. This is an excellent starting point in the familiarization process. As a second step technical staff from VAVS are happy to assist with individual or group training sessions and we suggest the following procedure to request a technical training session:

  1. Book the room(s) in question by going to the WebRoomBooker. If the room does not appear in the WebRoomBooker, please contact the Time Table team
  2. Send an email to videoconferencing@jcu.edu.au or contact us and advise us of the room(s), the date and the time.

We look forward to assisting you as much as possible in preparation for teaching.