VAVS Home Help Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I log into a computer in a JCU teaching facility?

Computer DVD

Can I play a DVD during a videoconference?

Computer - USB - PowerPoint

How do I show a PowerPoint presentation which is stored on a USB memory stick?

Desktop video - Jabber

What is Jabber Video?

Desktop video - Zoom - What What is Zoom?
Desktop video - Zoom - How

How do I use Zoom at JCU?


Why does the screen go black when I connect my laptop during a video conference?


Can I get a lecture or presentation recorded?

Recordings - LearnJCU

How do I get the recording to LearnJCU?


What is videoconferencing?

Videoconferencing - Audio only

Can the videoconferencing system be used for a teleconference?

Videoconferencing - Booking

How do I book a videoconference?

Videoconferencing - BYOD

Can I connect my mobile device to the AV system?

Videoconferencing - Connection

How do I know if a videoconference has been connected?

Videoconferencing - Control

How do I operate the equipment in a video conference facility at JCU?

Videoconferencing - JCU rooms

What types of videoconferencing venues are available at JCU?

Videoconferencing - Multisite

Can I connect to more than one site during a conference?

Videoconferencing - Picture quality

What picture quality does videoconferencing deliver?

Videoconferencing - Presentation

If I have a presentation to show during a videoconference, will the far end audience be able to see it?

Videoconferencing - Visualizer

What can I use the document camera for?