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Audio Visual Services

AV Services - what is it?

Audio Visual Services provide:

  • Common Teaching Room/User technical support daily Monday to Friday until 6pm
  • AV system training
  • Equipment maintenance
  • System upgrades
  • Advice on AV system design and layout

at the Cairns and Townsville campuses. Front line support of the service is usually conducted over the telephone and problems can in most cases be solved remotely. More complex technical issues will be dealt with in-room and response times may vary depending on the workload.

AV Equipment

Common teaching rooms at Cairns (Nguma-bada campus), Cairns CBD (Bada-jali campus), Townsville (Bebegu Yumba campus) and Townsville CBD have been fitted with a range of audio visual equipment such as flat screens, projectors, visualizers, in house computers and cables with adapters to connect laptops. AV rooms are classified according to equipment and purpose - for further details see the classification page.

Technical Problems

For the benefit of the next presenter/lecturer, we encourage reporting any technical problems promptly to:

  • Cairns ext. 21700
  • Townsville ext. 14643

AV Rooms

Virtual view of centrally bookable common teaching rooms

Click on link above to search for a room. The links on the resulting page

  • provides a virtual tour of the room
  • shows you what equipment is fitted
  • links to guides on how to use the equipment

Please note some pieces of equipment may not have any guides listed.