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General Information

VAVS - Videoconferencing and Audio Visual Services

Videoconferencing and Audio Visual Services (VAVS) provide equipment and support services in centrally bookable Common Teaching Rooms (CTR), currently some 185 rooms in Cairns, Cairns (CBD), Townsville and Townsville CBD combined.


AV Room Systems
  • VAVS maintain, control and administer audio visual room systems in
    • Cairns (Nguma-bada campus campus)
    • Cairns CBD (Bada-jali campus)
    • Townsville (Bebegu Yumba campus)
    • Townsville CBD
Video Conferencing
  • Provision of videoconferencing room hardware maintenance and scheduling as well as infrastructure services such as bridging for multi site conferences including connections to conferences all over the world over IP.
Mediasite Recording System
  • In February 2017, JCU introduced Mediasite, a central recording system for lectures and presentations available in select common teaching rooms. Mediasite is also available as a Desktop PC application in all common teaching rooms and computer labs.
  • Zoom is the preferred Virtual Meeting Room system and is available to all staff and students. VAVS provides user support for Zoom in centrally bookable video conference enabled rooms.

Technical Support

Audio Visual Equipment
  • Technical staff are available at both the Cairns and Townsville campuses to provide Audio Visual Equipment support. For assistance with audio visual equipment in common teaching rooms including projectors, TV-monitors, touch-, button- and control panels, mediasite hardware recorders and visualisers, contact VAVS.
Room PC


  • Technical staff are available to train and assist users to get the full benefit of JCU videoconferencing and audio visual systems, either as a one on one or group training sessions.

College of Medicine and Dentistry

  • MedTech i.e. technical staff at the JCU Townsville College of Medicine and Dentistry are responsible for the technical support in that area. Please note their network encompasses facilities at Atherton, Cairns, Mackay and Townsville. For technical assistance, contact MedTech.

Maintenance request for non AV issues

  • For power, lighting and air conditioning related problems, fill out a MEX request (maintenance request).