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news flash 

25/7/2016 - AV Upgrade Townsville room 134-102

The Education Central Seminar room 102 has been upgraded by replacing the single projector screen with two flat panel displays and adding a presenter camera.

11/7/2016 - Arrival of MediaSite Systems

The first batch of the new lecture capture system equipment has arrived. Time and space permitting, this will be rolled out to selected rooms in Cairns and Townsville over SP2/2016.

6/5/2016 - Launch of Pexip Infinity

The long awaited JCU Pexip Service is now up and running after the official launch today. Fill out the online form to become a regular user.
Find out more about Pexip.

20/4/2016 - Final touches to meeting room upgrades in Townsville

Not long now until you can start using four new meeting rooms in Townsville - check them out:

4-255, 27-209, 28-204 and 34-201

2/3/2016 - HEVC aka H265

High Efficiency Video Coding is used for outgoing and incoming video in the Cisco SX80 Codecs resulting in even better , frame rate and channel rate. Hooraaahhhh :)

22/2/2016 - VAVS Room upgrades

The older analog AV systems in Cairns A3-002 and B1-031 as well as Townsville rooms 17-101, 40-103, 40-105, 45-002 and 145-030 were upgraded to digital systems with high resolution and wide screen projections systems.

Minor works to Townsville room 4-006 were also completed (change of presenter camera).

The ILearn area (18-01A/B/C) underwent a major refit replacing analog system with a digital. Viodeoconferencing is fitted to 18-02B only but joining of rooms still allow for videoconferencing into all three areas if necessary bearing in  mind there are only cameras in 18-02B (presenter and audience).

4/2/2016 - Pexip (Virtual Meeting Room, VMR)

Server hardware for this service has been ordered as we are working towards introducing Pexip later this year

5/1/2016 - AV Upgrades Cairns and Townsville

AV upgrades have commencing in Cairns for rooms A3-002 and B1-031. Once they have been completed AV upgrades will
commence in Townsville rooms 4-006, 17-101, 18-002B, 40-103, 40-105, 45-002, 134-010 and 145-030. Scheduled to be
completed by mid February 2016.

30/5/2015 - Microphone stands

VAVS Townsville has 2x microphone stands and clips for events which require this type of speaker/audio set up.

18/5/2015 - Free Jabber Video

Free Jabber Video end of life extended to 20/11/2015.

23/4/2015 - Townsville CBD

Check out the virtual rooms in the CBD:

16/2/2015 - Free Jabber Video

Cisco announces the free version of Jabber Video will be permanently unavailable from 16/05/2015.

13/2/2015 - Techsmith Relay

Formerly known as Camtasia Relay, has changed name and is still supported by TLD staff (not VAVS).

21/1/2015 - AV Upgrades Cairns and Townsville

The most recent AV upgrade has brought rooms A3-001, 5-001, 25-001, 25-002 and 26-001 into the this century introducing
high definition (HD)/wide screen projectors, wireless collaborator (ENZO), new lecterns, new touch panels and digital switching
systems. We look forward to your feedback!!!

21/1/2015 - VAVS Rooms Cairns and Townsville

The new Dell Optiplex all-in-one 9030 PCs are being rolled out – with Windows 8.1.

27/11/2014 - Jabber Video/Mac OSX dependencies

Which Jabber Video version should be used for which Mac OSX?
Click here for details.

28/7/2014 - Townsville: 34-011C

Peer to peer space officially opened.

4/7/2014 - Townsville: Rooms decommissioned

Rooms 23-001, 23-004 and 23-038 closed permanently as building due for demolition in preparation for the new Science
Block to be completed in 2017.

2/4/2014 - Townsville: Camtasia Relay  Microphones

The fixed lectern, roaming and lapel microphones can now be used for Camtasia Relay recordings in rooms 3-002, 5-001,
17-101, 25-001, 25-002, 26-001, 40-103, 40-105 and 40-109.

16/3/2014 - Townsville: 45-002 Medical Lecture Theatre

A cinema quality projector has been added to the arsenal of AV equipment in this room. Its intended use is for public access
cinema style movie screenings. Please contact VAVS for further information.

14/3/2014 - Townsville: 110-002 MARFU Teaching Facility

This 40 seat common teaching room is now up and running after a refit during the week.

10/3/2014 - Townsville: CLT (5-001)

Lectern microphone, lapel and handheld microphones can be used for Camtasia Relay recordings

24/2/2014 - Cairns: Dentistry

Introducing specialty labs.

15/2/2014 - Major equipment upgrades carried out over the break have been completed:

Cairns: A1-129, A21-001, A21-002, B1-107

Townsville: 4-027, 9-001, 9-002

Townsville: 27-001 (projectors, touch panel control, document camera and wireless microphone for Camtasia relay recordings)

Townsville: 27-002, 27-003, 27-004, 27-005 and 27-006 (projectors, document camera and wireless microphone for Camtasia
relay recordings)

15/12/2013 - Townsville:  34-017

Decommissioned to allow construction work.

13/5/2013 - Townsville:  4-027

Tracking camera system for presenter in is now functional.

15/4/2013 - Townsville: 4-225

The videoconference meeting room is officially open. The room seats 12-14 persons and is equipped with 2x 70 inch flat panel
displays, desktop PC, document camera and provisions to connect laptops (analogue and digital).

1/3/2013 - Townsville: 34-017

Room permanently closed due to refurbishment in building 34.

27/2/2013 - Townsville: 15-133

Supported by VAVS.

25/2/2013 - Townsville Education Central building 134:

The new spaces are getting closer to being functional as intended and we invite you to provide feedback

134-010: Collaborative Theatre
134-021: Teal Room
134-102: Seminar Room
134-105: Meeting Room
134-130: Collaborative Teaching Lab
134-132: Collaborative Wet Teaching Lab

20/2/2013 - Townsville:  4-027

The room has been commissioned but is not yet fully functional. The room will have a tracking camera for the presenter when

10/12/2012 - Cairns: A3-3

The theatre is now fully operational and videoconference enabled.

7/9/2012 - Cairns and Townsville AV upgrade:

The upgrade has been completed in the following board and meeting rooms.

Cairns: A2-201, A4-105, B1-102, B1-103, B1-108, E1-112 and E2-111
Townsville: 1-021, 17-064, 17-150, and 145-032

Do take advantage of the High Definition videoconferencing experience and have your next session in one of these rooms.

15/8/2012 - Meeting room upgrades

VAVS are currently upgrading videoconferencing systems, flat panel displays and switching equipment in the smaller meeting
and boardrooms in Cairns and Townsville. Introducing HD ( High-Definition) video will have a dramatic effect on the picture
quality hence drastically improving the videoconference experience. The new switching equipment in addition to a Dell PC
and a document camera, allows for the input of:

  • analogue laptop (VGA)

  • digital laptop (Apple MiniDisplay port)

  • any device with an HDMI output

13/04/2012 - Townsville: 23-038

This room is now fully operational and videoconference enabled.

26/03/2012 - Queensland Health:

A state wide policy has been implemented announcing auto answer has been disabled on their video conference endpoints.

9/03/2012 - Jabber Video:  Free public version

A free version of Jabber Video (formerly known as Movi) has been released by Cisco and is now available to the public.

8/03/2012 - Townsville: 1-203

Added to available videoconferencing venues at the Douglas Campus.

23/02/2012 - Jabber Video (Movi): Enterprise v4.3

  • Win7 and Mac log in no longer required the ad\ prefix to the user name.

  • Off campus Mac users no longer need to establish a VPN connection prior to log on.

10/02/2012 - Townsville:  34-017

A videoconference enabled meeting room seating 12 persons is open for business.

03/02/2012 - Townsville: DG253-003

Western campus D-block tiered lecture theatre has been de-commissioned.

30/01/2012 - VAVS Dell PCs

OP system changed from XP to Windows 7.

20/01/2012 - JCUS

JCU Singapore has acquired a roll-about C40 videoconferencing system. The system has been added to the JCUS phone
book, however beware the system may be unavailable from time to time.

16/01/2012 - ATSIP Videoconference Rooms:

VAVS supports for seminar room 145-030 and board room 145-032 on the Douglas Campus.

05/01/2012 - Townsville Room 18-063 decommissioned

The videoconferencing system has been relocated to Townsville Room 34-017

25/12/2011 - Movi

Movi has been renamed Jabber Video

31/10/2011 - Movi

Movi, the high-end enterprise-wide desktop videoconferencing application, is being made available to JCU staff.

27/01/2011 - Townsville: 26-001

The lighting issue has been resolved. The controls are on the red wall near the exit doors.

15/01/2011 - Townsville: 1-021

The videoconferencing system was upgraded to a Cisco C40 system.

5/10/2010 - Queensland Health:

The department is implementing a change in their permissions regarding external videoconferencing connections. IP calls
to Qld Health need to be prefixed.

01/09/2010 - JCUS:

The JCU Singapore videoconferencing endpoints are now on the JCU network enabling connection over IP, hence the Singapore
virtual meeting room on the Bridge (47535170) has been demolished.