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Connect to projector or flat panel display

MacBooks will in most cases detect the dual display (projector or flat panel display) automatically once the cable is connected. It is recommended a number of adaptors be carried as the supply of cables does not always match the Macbook cable receptors. If you are connecting using an HDMI cable you may need to change the audio output settings on the laptop as it may be set up to play sound through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Show power point presentation with notes

  1. Connect the Macbook to the System using a VGA or HDMI cable (you may need an adaptor)
  2. Display the laptop on the projector screen or flat panel display by selecting PC or laptop on the media selector (depends on which room you are in)
  3. Click on Apple System Preferences
  4. Click on Displays
  5. Click on Detect Displays
  6. Click on Arrangement and un-tick the Mirror Displays box – The displays i.e. the laptop screen and the projector screen can now be configured independently. Move the mouse cursor to the projected screen and set the resolution to 1024 x 768 at 60Hz
  7. Open your PowerPoint presentation and click on Slide Show

Powerpoint 2011 display issue

There is an issue with Macbooks and Powerpoint 2011 - click on display issue to find out how to overcome this problem.