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Wireless Collaborator Kramer VIA

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VIA Connect PRO is a wireless collaboration solution that makes sharing and presenting in meetings easier. With any laptop or mobile device, users can view, edit and comment on documents in real time, share files and chat with individuals or multiple participants simultaneously.

Activate the Kramer VIA device from the AV button control or touch panel in the room.

Take note of the

  • Room Name IP address to connect to and the
  • 4-digit authentication code

Both are required for the connection to the Wireless Collaborator.

kramer in room

Connect from a PC or laptop

  • Enter the IP address in a browser and press Enter.
  • Click on Install VIA to download and install the latest version ov VIA on your PC or laptop

  1. Enter the IP address in the Room Name field
  2. Change Nick Name if required
  3. Click on the Login bar
4. Enter the 4-digit code and click on the Login bar

Connect from a tablet and smart phone

  • Download the VIA app for the iPhone or Android device
  • Launch the App and touch the Spaces Icon
1. Enter the IP address (Room Name) 2. Touch the Join button 3. Enter the 4-digit Room code
and touch the Join bar

Alternatively use the tablet or phone to scan the QR code.